Elite Local Teams

Learn how LeapFrog Systems brings big wins with a team of local experts called LeapTeams.

Financial Services Leadership

Featured LeapTeam

Financial Services Leadership

LeapFrog Systems works with premier financial services firms and financial software companies. With LeapTeams ranging from two to fifty consultants, our teams scale to deliver new trading systems, advisor portals, and high profile financial software.

National Healthcare Reform

Featured LeapTeam

National Healthcare Reform

LeapFrog Systems leads healthcare initiatives with payers and providers at the forefront of reform and technology. Frogger Teams deliver mission-critical health system initiatives.


Featured LeapTeam


LeapTeams are helping client partners deliver the highest visibility programs. LeapTeams are typically small, elite groups of Froggers delivering customized enterprise business and technology solutions for industry leaders.

Winning Teams

From individual MVPs to elite, specialized teams, we're ready to jump right in to get IT done.

LeapTeams Scale

LeapTeams scale beyond staffing to deliver world-class software for client partners. Today, with market leaders in finance, healthcare, automotive, and biotech, LeapTeams are helping the best become better by jumping in to save projects in-flight, launch strategic initiatives, and share the exact expertise required to deliver success.

LeapTeams scale from small teams of two perfectly matched Froggers to broad, diverse enterprise LeapTeams with dozens of highly coordinated Froggers working synergistically and dynamically across multiple platforms and programs.

Talented Team Players

Froggers are talented team players and dynamic player/coaches. As industry experts who effortlessly integrate into client teams, Froggers are the difference between winning and losing. As strong team players, we raise the game by helping our clients win. Froggers can be the stars, but as team players, we're more focused on team success.

Highly matrixed, enterprise clients require Froggers to work on multiple teams, and varied projects simultaneously. Froggers step in to play several roles as projects evolve delivering scale and flexibility to our clients.

Join the Team

Today we are tackling the most challenging IT programs, revolutionizing healthcare and catapulting financial services technology beyond tomorrow. Froggers are LeapFrog Systems Certified, which means our client partners only engage elite, proven, salaried MVPs. Join us as we make giant leaps forward for our clients and in our careers with LeapFrog Systems. We're hiring, so apply today!

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LFS Certification

What does it take to be a Frogger? It starts with passing LeapFrog Systems Certification Process. Since 2000, we've refined our proprietary technical screening and professional evaluation process. We challenge candidates to demonstrate the character and capabilities of the highest performing consultants. LeapFrog Systems' illustrious clientele demand superior integrity and sophistication, so we push the bar higher every day - constantly refining our candidate evaluation process. Historically, less than 5% pass LeapFrog Systems Certification Process. Fewer still are capable of delivering to the highest standards clients expect from LeapFrog Systems. Only the best of the best become Froggers. Contact us for more about LeapFrog Systems Certification Process and the telltale traits of high performing consultants.

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Bench Strength

Bench strength means we bring experience and insight from one successful engagement to tackle the next challenge. Our teams are anchored by leaders with significant relevant experience and a proven track-record with clients. We draw from the collective experience of all Froggers to provide teams with rare insight and expertise. We leverage our deep bench strength in financial services, healthcare and other industries to lead pioneering, award-winning programs.