Market leaders choose LeapFrog Systems.

Boston is home to global leaders in finance, healthcare, and education. We are proud to be the hometown favorite of our world-class client partners.

Financial Services

Leading Financial Services Consulting

LeapFrog Systems delivers expertise across an array of financial systems conversions and mission-critical development efforts. Boston’s revolutionary role in financial services software features Froggers at the forefront of the largest, highest profile financial services platforms.

Success with Giants

Frogger Teams support financial giants delivering world-class platforms. We help the world’s top financial institutions improve market execution, order management, omnibus trading, sub-accounting, retirement portals, mutual fund enterprise products, and most everything from the front office to the back office.

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Health Systems

Navigating Health Systems

Massachusetts is leading a healthcare revolution. This means massive changes for both payers and providers. LeapFrog Systems supports healthcare leaders tackling today’s technology challenges. Our clients catalyzed healthcare reform and we’re proud of our part to help improve healthcare technology.

National Healthcare Reform

Today LeapFrog Systems leads ICD-10 and National Healthcare Reform projects with the leading health plans in New England. Massachusetts has a reputation for being revolutionary and healthcare reform is no exception. Government mandates are radically changing health systems’ relationship with payers, providers and the daily delivery of patient care in our neighborhood and across the nation. LeapFrog Systems is leading this change and that’s how we’ve helped our client partners become leaders in healthcare reform.

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P&C and Specialty Insurance

Managing the risk in insurance, LeapFrog Systems P&C expertise helps global underwriters effectively navigate today’s changing landscape. LeapFrog Systems’ track record extends from firsts in specialty underwriting, including policy management systems conversions, agent portals, risk and quality programs, and claims system implementations to legacy systems sunsets.

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Managing Large E-Retail Projects

LeapFrog Systems helps our client partners respond to the rapidly evolving digital terrain as e-retail grows exponentially year-over-year. We help client partners facilitate enterprise-level changes, embrace evolutionary technologies, and reap the rewards of retail’s boundless future.

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Ivy League Consulting

Just like finance and healthcare, Boston is home to the most recognized and respected names in education. The most prestigious schools pick LeapFrog Systems as innovators in education technology.

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Technology for New Therapies and Visionary Science

Saving lives matters most to LeapFrog Systems' biotech and pharmaceutical client partners. LeapFrog Systems enables technology to deliver lifesaving therapies. LeapFrog Systems is leading Global Safety System development, GxP, and R&D initiatives along with the best in biotech to save lives.

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