Locally-based Professional Services

Savvy managers prefer Player/Coaches over stacks of resumes. Player/Coaches are MVPs in your hometown!

Part Player

As a QA consultant, I've earned the trust and respect of my clients for delivering award-winning QA testing on their most critical client systems.

Part Coach

Now, I manage LeapFrog Systems largest accounts and my proven track record with the same client partners allows me to pick the best Frogger MVPs and coach the teams delivering the biggest wins.


Part Player

As a program manager, I'm managing multiple projects to help a leading software firm deliver their next generation of trading software.

Part Coach

As a Practice Leader and executive member of our management team, I've mentored dozens of fellow Froggers on LeapTeams at many marquee clients. My coaching helps teammates and clients take their game to the next level.


Clients Trust LeapFrog Systems

When a mission-critical project is too complex to risk using staffing firms, LeapFrog Systems delivers value and services extending way beyond staffing. We combine tools like JumpStart and LeapWorkshops, Player/Coaches and specialized LeapTeams to deliver successful projects.

Player/Coach Approach

Our part-player/part-coach approach means when Froggers are on the team, everyone wins. Froggers lead by example as key players and take teams to the next level by stepping in as a seasoned coach. With our client partners, Froggers make winning teams.

Froggers are natural leaders with the drive to bring success to mission-critical initiatives. Not only are Froggers accustomed to contributing value from the very beginning, fine-tuned expertise means the entire team will grow stronger.


LeapTeams provide a smart, local alternative to giant consultancies and giant costs. Small, elite teams are deployed on the biggest projects. We JumpStart the highest priority projects by deploying bespoke, accomplished, locally-based teams to deliver enterprise programs and build world-class software for healthcare, financial services, biotech, and enterprise IT.

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Expertly prepared and facilitated, LeapWorkshops bring stakeholders, product owners and SMEs together to develop strategy and launch products. Deliverables often include Product Visions, Product Roadmaps, and Backlogs to guide development. LeapWorkshops are the most powerful tool for large-scale, enterprise transformation efforts.

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LeapFrog Systems is recognized by our client partners for reducing the cost and time of onboarding and training. JumpStart shifts the burden and cost of onboarding away from our client partners to LeapFrog Systems. JumpStart means we deliver more, faster, while saving our clients valuable time and resources.

JumpStart provides Froggers with all the critical background information to "jump right in" on a new project. Froggers can make an immediate impact because JumpStart leverages the knowledge gained from earlier engagements to easily integrate new team members and allow them to start delivering immediately.